Election Night Liveblog

1.06 AM Good night.
1.01AM A nice concession speech from Romney. Compare Romney with this:
Donald Trump: This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!
In the heat of politics, it’s tempting to draw false equivalencies. Romney is no Trump. And I mean that as a compliment to Gov Romney.
12.30AM Marriage equality passes in MD and ME– basically THE social issue of years past  years is resolving itself politically and within a matter of years, the issue will be a settled matter.
12.11AM: Suddenly the pundit classes admits that the polls had some measure of reality versus ideological talking points ala Dick Morris, Gingrich, Will, et al
Epistemic closure meets reality
12.04AM: Ahh, the Thane Theory: Obama does not really have a mandate so he needs to act as if he really didn’t win and accommodate policies that voters rejected but that is what you do when you don’t have a ‘mandate’. If Romney had won, it would have been clearly a mandate.
And bipartisanship…
11.53PM : George Will , ignores data and numbers to carry the water (from his prediction and ‘analysis’ on Sunday) :
“I guess the wild card in what I projected; I’m projecting Minnesota to go for Romney.  Now that’s the only state in the Union, because native son Mondale held when Reagan was getting 49 states, its the only state that’s voted democratic in nine consecutive elections; but this year, there’s a marriage amendment on the ballot that will bring out the evangelicals and I think could make the difference.”
11.45PM MIchelle Bachmann in trouble…
11.41 Colbert in tears. A better tomorrow, tomorrow…
11.30PM Here are some local numbers(Montgomery County):
ROmney/Ryan get 8622 versus 7881 Obama/Biden.
Gillibrand 10217 versus Long 5402!
(Fascinating that the Democrats so strong IMHO)
Amedore 10178 versus Tkaczyk 5842
Montgomery County Charter Change passes Yes = 7964 NO=4984
Sise / Catena with huge numbers in the County. (Easiest political prediction ever)
Santabarbara 7918 / Quackenbush 7553
11.29PM Fox is apoplectic. Gingrich landslide of Romney nowhere in sight
10.15PM Apparently the rape vote not working out too well for Akin and Mourdock with them losing.
10.02PM NH goes Obama; Warren wins MA Senate. Nice to see Warren win
9.54PM Folks on the right very nervous now…
9.48PM Back. Ryan loses WI, ROmney loses MA. ROmney appears to be in trouble in FL as of now
8.53PM Back shortly, algebra…
8.48PM Interesting that Lieberman is considered a Democrat for Senate purposes.. really?
8.35PM Do you smell what the voters are cookin’? Linda McMahon gets the people’s elbow  losing the Senate in CT
8.29 PM TUrnout very large; not sure who that helps and probably varies geographically
8.23PM Spoke too soon– apparently we can see who wins the presidency by the colors on the Empire State Building. Thanks CNN…
8.17PM No holograms on CNN , maybe substance trumps ‘style’?
8.15 PM OK, starting to look at results. I may have to step out now and again given an algebra test and grammar test prep.

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  1. Rob Millan says:

    11:22pm Shepard Smith having a grand mal seizure. Predicting a ‘doom and gloom’ tomorrow. Some Fox lady confused how this happened.

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