Saturday Shred

Er, I mean ‘shake’. Dang, is there anything LeBron can’t do… (Bosh & Birdman very funny too)

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4 Responses

  1. R overt Purtell says:

    Have you forgotten about us faithful?

    • flippinamsterdam says:

      I’ve not been too inspired lately; I just don’t feel like I have anything fresh to say. The other day, I was going to post on someone decrying performance of our schools while simultaneously suggesting that we cut kindergarten to save money, but then, I’m just covering the same old ground.
      Not sure what else to say that hasn’t been already said.
      Writer’s block doesn’t exist…lack of imagination does. ~Cyrese Covelli

  2. R overt Purtell says:

    Time for a coffee

  3. wildthane says:

    How about at least putting up a new shred? Miss you.

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