Digital Economy Media Coverage Provokes Backlash

Amsterdam, NY (August 29, 2013) — A local newspaper story on local Web designer Tim Becker stirred controversy on economic development in this small upstate city.
Long time resident and politician, Horace Buggywhips remarked on the controversy, “There goes the liberal Recorder pushing do-gooder stories about the wonderful Internet stuff. I don’t use the Internet so it’s just a bit of nonsense about economic development. I hate to remind the paper that this Web stuff doesn’t use Amsterdam’s greatest asset in bringing industry to the city — water. How can a business succeed without water? Ridiculous that a successful businesses can be built with absolutely no dependency on our water supply! And how can you market a business without it being in an industrial park or touting how close it is to the Thruway? This article makes no sense and the good people of this city deserve better than fantasy stories on the Internet.”
Resident Martina Zirconis shared Mr. Buggywhips concerns with Mr. Becker’s digital economy baed business, “I’m sure Mr. Becker is a nice man but he needs to realize that he is taking jobs away from our seniors. I mean our high school seniors. It’s people like Mr. Becker who want to make money building stuff for the Web when our seniors would do it for free. It’s like the city’s Web site — we had to pay money to a fancy designer when we have hundreds of high school kids who could do it for free. I agree with Mr. Buggywhips that this not a real industry and these are not real jobs. They can keep them in San Francisco and New York City, no one wants that stuff here. And not only do we have to listen to this fantasy world of ‘digital economy’ but we have to listen to how a digital economy might draw people to live in the city. People will move here to live and work in old buildings that we’re going to revitalize instead of tearing down!? Give me break. I never head such nonsense in my life.   I’m glad Mr. Buggywhips is going to remind people that we don’t need this nonsense and we need to get real industry here like we had.”
” Marketing on the Web? Now I’ve heard it all”, snickered an incredulous Ms Zirconis.
Neither Mr. Becker or the Recorder could be reached for comment because this author never makes any attempt to do so.

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  1. Tim Becker says:

    And look at that guy’s desk, not a single paper on it. It’s obvious he doesn’t do any actual work. He probably just goes on Facebook and googles the interwebs all day for stuff to put on his blog. He’ll be out of business by the end of the year for sure.

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