Local Group Applauds AIDA Mural Decision

Amsterdam, NY (September 9, 2013) — Local advocacy group DemolishNOW! seems to have won another round toward gutting the historic and artistic character of this local community with AIDA’s decision to proceed with sheetrocking a 19th century mural on a soon-to-be leased space.

Hola Tadestrukchen, Executive Director of DemolishNOW!, applauded the decision, “We always knew AIDA would not be deterred by fanciful talk of historic preservation or artistic value. Especially if preservation gets in the way of marketability of the property. No one wants to lease space or live in a building with any inkling of history or art — tenants prefer the banality of sheetrock and dropped ceilings to architectural or artistic detail. How can you market architecture and art?! It’s ridiculous.”

DemolishNOW! also released a publication called “Dealing with Your Historic Property When You Lack the Good Fortune of Delomishing It“. The pamphlet includes numerous tips including:
What is the best sheetrock thickness for covering artistic works? 1/4 inch works well, but 3/8 inch is best. Reserve 1/2 inch sheetrock for museum quality pieces and 3/4 inch should only be used on masterworks.
How to Market Your Historic Property? don’t fall for that — it’s a trick question. The answer is “You cannot market it.”
How to Keep Dirty Hippies and Digital Companies from Leasing Space in Your Historic Building — minimize the differentiation provided by a historic building and mimic newly constructed space, albeit poorly

The publication will be available at exclusive retailers and distributors of fine sheetrock and related products.

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