City of Amsterdam Expense & Revenue Figures

UpdateIn a hurry and to save time, I messed up copying posts and inadvertently overwrote yesterday’s post. I’ll try to restore the text from the original post but looks unlikely. 

Per Tim’s request, here is a chart showing revenue and expense by major line per year. Also, the bar chart shows the relative portion of each expense to total expense. Quick observations:

— The major expenses are debt service, employee benefits and public safety.

— Spending on culture & recreation, economic development and quality of life programs is tiny and not significant as a percentage and certainly not the driver for growth in expenses.

— Hate to say but it’s pretty clear that Total Expenses have exceeded Total Revenues for every year since 2000. Interesting, in that once again, what you hear as something ‘shocking’ has actually been going on for a decade, proving that no one has actually looked at the numbers before hitting the panic switch, and seeking to understand the drivers to what might actually be happening or structurally how the city’s finances work. That does not discount the sizable recent jump but it should give pause to drawing hasty conclusions.

— Again, two big expense jumps 2006/2006 and 2010/2011 — unclear why for 2005/2006

— Debt Service line item creates the recent jump.

— Don’t have time to add a graphic but the economic macro environment is markedly different along the time lines given global economic crisis and national/state austerity policies.

Distribution of Expenses City of Amsterdam

Distribution of Expenses City of Amsterdam

Expense vs Revenue City of Amsterdam

Expense vs Revenue City of Amsterdam

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