Know Your Role

It appears that we need a reprimand on our appointed roles in our civic life and duties. So let me summarize the assorted scolds:

— Don’t critique the media in terms of their coverage of complex issues. Per Chuck Todd, they only exist to relay both sides of the argument — regardless of how specious and ludicrous an argument may be. It’s certainly not their role to try to finesse the relative truths and cases between both sides. That’s why you get a “debate” on the shutdown as if the Republican side had a substantive argument supporting a shutdown in light of the Affordable Care Act.

— Don’t try to make things better. Ever. If someone acts deliberately to contribute positively to the community, let’s say a mural, make sure you discount the effort as fruitless either because you deem it a waste of time and effort or that it will suffer vandalism or other negative event. Meanwhile, you should note that a person with such a view is inherently displeased and relishes nothing more than displeasing others and initiates no action to change a situation they find so untenable.

— Don’t deny a link and scary coincidence of the downtown traffic lanes opening coinciding with the rollout of Obamacare. The Randians are right: they both take away our freedom and our democracy. What’s less democratic than two-way streets and access to health care? I can’t think of a thing.

–Don’t use tax dollars to support or express civic pride ala the Rams statues. Remember, the voices of those opposed to things should always carry more weight and import than those in favor of said things. Know your role.

–Don’t listen to what local residents want; it’s important to listen to those who no longer live or work in the city want. Again, think of how sad it must be, to live out of the city, yet weigh in on every local issue no matter how trite or trivial. If you live here, STFU and listen to what they’re telling you.

— Don’t try to inject some positive thought or energy into your community. Instead, spend as much time and effort to bash, belittle, whine, complain, fret, gnash, demagogue, harangue, bemoan, lament, regret, complain about, rue, deplore, disapprove of, condemn, object to, denounce, censure, abhor, deprecate, take a dim view of, excoriate , condemn, blame, abuse, blast, flame (informal), denounce, put down, criticize, run down, discredit, censure, detract, denigrate, belittle, disparage, rail against, depreciate, tear into , diss , lambast, excoriate, derogate, cry down, asperse , destruct, demolish.

Again, as a Randian, the above are the true manifestations of freedom. Their antonyms — construct, make, raise, put up, assemble, erect, fabricate, form , establish, start, begin, found, base, set up, institute, constitute, initiate, originate, formulate, inaugurate, develop, increase, improve, extend, strengthen, intensify, enlarge, amplify, augment — are certainly not expressions of freedom.

— Don’t reflect or reconsider a viewpoint when new facts or information are presented. If you believe something to be true, it shall forever be true for that moment on regardless of anything you might possibly have learned along the way. What more could embody the essence of freedom than denying the freedom of inquiry and critical thought?

Know your role.


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