KIckoff 2014

A few things:

— Please check out Mohawk Valley Compass  , the new online local publication.  Wishing them a successful 2014 with their rollout. I am happy to see an alternate point-of-view in a more broadly distributed publication.

— Golf Course : my oh my,  what a captivating three card monte. If you have not figured it out, the mark is the taxpayer (from Recorder story Golf commish:Joe the Pro fans scared people off):

According to the past three filed annual update documents, Amsterdam’s Muni has underperformed, having had the city bail it out on at least one occasion by transferring money to the commission account from the general fund.

— Flippin’ 2014: My blog will enter its 7th year in a few months so my self-directed challenge for this year will to be more innovative and expand into some other issues that I find interesting (and hopefully others too).


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