Know Your Role — Muni Edition

I largely agree with the issues raised by Mayor Thane and TIm Becker on why the Council’s actions on Muni do not serve the public interest. I’ve also posted on this a number of time before (here, here and here).
As the Council seems determined to approve the contract, let me pose some questions to the Council:
1) Why does the Council assert the right to approve public contracts but fail to articulate their rationale for granting the contract? Why does the Council get to bypass the standard protocol of an RFP process?
2) What is the rationale for choosing a contract that returns less to city taxpayers?
3) What about the ‘fiscal responsibility’ touted pre-election? 
4) What about the talking point of “protecting our seniors” in each and every financial decision?
5) Why does the Golf Commission cede its rights to the Council now but asserted its rights under previous Councils?
6) Where are the stern editorials from the Recorder on the need for fiscal discipline in our city agencies?
The answer is simple — it’s the Amsterdam Way.
Know your role.

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