Know Your Role : Shuttleworth Park Edition

Tsk, tsk, the Council , courtesy of Diane Hatzenbuhler, wants to remind you kids and families of your rightful role in this city: 

Though a project to replace the grass infield with synthetic turf at Shuttleworth Park was approved by the Common Council last year, 4th Ward Alderwoman Diane Hatzenbuhler is now attempting to rescind that decision.

If you want to know why this city is wholly dysfunctional and why not a thing can ever benefit people under 40 — outrageous!– you need look no further. Or, even worse, to have something that is successful and working as a positive to the community is certainly not something to sustain and nurture.

But, if something is FUBAR , like governance at Muni, then by no means should we mess or change that.  Outrageous to even hint at that!

And remember how the Council acts for “the people” and in the interests of “the people”? Apparently, “the people” represented by the last Council who approved the measure just aren’t the “right people” represented by this Council’s “people”.

Know your role!

And I’m a bit disappointed at Mr. Spagnola’s comment: “It’s different, you know, when people talk on the radio and give their opinion” 

Actually, Mr. Spagnola, just hearing it on the radio makes it true. Why, if I called tomorrow, and claimed that the Mohawks payroll is twice that of the Yankees, then it is unquestionably true. How dare to even suggest that things stated on the radio as factual may be less than true? How else will our esteemed voices for “the people” know how to craft policy or legislate without the astute voices of the airwaves?

It’s outrageous!

Know your role!

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