Rescind My Authoritah!

It’s easy to see why the Council rescinded their former and pending resolutions:

At a meeting Tuesday night, the council unanimously rescinded the resolution that gave Hatzen-buhler authority to sign Merendo’s contract.

1) Why rescind the resolution under the auspices of ”¬†get to the fundamental question” when the Council made it more than clear that there was no fundamental question as to their authority?
The answer is simple: they lacked the authority to do so and are now “clarifying” the issue so they are not summarily reprimanded in court for exercising their “authority”.
2) Why not bring forth the resolutions tabled given their supreme confidence and authority to impose their will as they wish? Perhaps, our local editors need to remind their dear council members of the totality of their power and remind the common folk of the need to STFU if they dispute the council’s authority.
There is simply no reason for this Council to suddenly put the brakes on its “authority” — the reasons are quite clear:
Rescind my authoritah!

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3 Responses

  1. rogo says:

    Since nobody left a comment. I believe we have checks and balances. the MAYOR does not have dictatorship likes she thinks. If she loses her (and corp council) what happens next

    • rob millan says:

      I heard you on the radio the other day saying the same thing to Morrison. What on earth makes you think the mayor is acting ‘dictatorial’ or is it that you don’t know what ‘dictatorial’ means? I really want to know why that word keeps being thrown around.
      And let’s totally ignore the Council’s attempt to circumvent executive authority. Nothing ‘dictatorial’ about that, though, is there?

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