City Posts Traffic Regulations for Summer Driving

April 1, 2014 (Amsterdam, NY ) – City and state engineers published new guidelines to help reduce summer traffic congestion on the busy city arterials , especially Route 30.
According to Monte Burns, Upstate Regional Traffic Coordinator, “These guidelines should help folks get around town , and hopefully out of town, for the summer vacation months with minimal traffic delays. We hope the good people of Amsterdam will follow the guidelines as the consequences include jail time and fines.”
Effective June 1, 2014 through September 31, 2014, the following guidelines should be followed by city residents and travelers driving on Route 30, Route 67 and Route 5:
Sundays — travel restricted to odd number plates or vanity plates ending with the letters A-M
Mondays — travel restricted to even number plates or vanity plates ending with the letters N-Y
Tuesdays – travel restricted to  vanity plates ending with the letter Z
Wednesdays — no restrictions
Thursday — no travel restrictions but no parking on city streets or driveways
Friday — travel restricted to cars with sunroofs and convertible tops only.
Saturday — travel restricted to vanity plates with a sense of humor or irony . For example, “MORECOWBL” or “I H8 PPL” would be acceptable. On the other hand, “GITERDUN” would yield the maximum allowed penalty.

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