A Sure Bet That A Casino Will Not be Built Near City of Amsterdam , Town of Florida or Montgomery County

You can read the full memo below but it is virtually impossible that an incomplete application lacking the requisite economic analysis and also asks the state to forego $25 million in license fees to be considered as a serious, viable contender for the casino. Here is just one snippet:

financial materials and for engineering or traffic materials) must be submitted containing interactive electronic versions (e.g., in Microsoft Excel or other file formats commonly used for the production of such material) of each revenue, construction, employment, financial, traffic, infrastructure or similar model, forecast, projection or table presented in an Application so as to enable the Board and the Board’s representatives to analyze and tie the calculations and formulas used to produce such model, projection, forecast or table
The submitted Application was nonresponsive to this requirement.

So with the casino now dead, the question for the city is : Now What?
Cue the crickets.
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  1. Pam Riccio says:

    I’m not even a little surprised. As soon as I heard of the low ball offer of $25 mill vs. the required $50 I knew we were dead in the water. Despite explanations offered as to why the lower amount was in keeping with the economic intent of this entire casino endeavor, I was certain in my own mind that this would be a no go.

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