The Charter Must Change! The Charter Must Not Be Changed!

This article, Counsels, alderman offer charter vote insight,  is pretty telling if you want to understand why nothing changes and why nothing gets done.

Apparently for all the brouhaha over the charter, most council members can’t be bothered to offer a meaningful, substantive critique while others won’t even comment. That’s the reality of most policy debates — who wants to articulate and craft policy when you can either demagogue or avoid the issue completely? Crafting thoughtful, effective policies is hard, so why even bother ?

I’m going to vote for the charter changes simply from the observation of the actions of the current Council. I admit to reservations on Prop 5 but I sincerely believe that if it gave them political leverage, the current Council would cut executive and controller budgets even if it wreaked havoc on the city’s operations and finances. After all, if our current Congress would play brinkmanship and default on US debt for political purposes with trillions of dollars, I totally believe a local scenario with mere thousands of dollars is not out of the question.

The actual text of the charter propositions can be found here. 

But like everything else, we need to change it unless there is actually a way to change it , in which case we can’t change it.


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