Local Conservatives Oddly Mum on Socialism and "Those People"

I’m really curious why this socialist, government-handout-ridden, makers-versus-takers for “those people” is not getting any pushback whatsoever from local conservatives who always, without question or doubt, are protecting local taxpayers, especially our seniors:

The Montgomery County Industrial Development Agency is currently reviewing a proposal for a 162 unit senior community housing project adjacent to the River Ridge Living Center in Amsterdam.

Just look at all the socialism here that should incite conservative rhetoric against this project :

The enhanced assisted living residence would be a three story building with 50 units for private paying residents, and 48 units for low income residents, whose monthly charges will be paid with Medicaid funds.

And who pays for Medicaid?
And get this: low income seniors?! You know what that means: “those people”
Can’t they work? And who then pays for their care?
But there’s even more distressing news for conservatives:

Devito said if the IDA approves the PILOT agreement and the tax exemptions, it would keep construction costs down, which would decrease the impact on the overall rent structure.

And who pays for PILOTs?
I am sure that local conservatives will push back against such a government supported project — like they do with all other development that seeks PILOTs or drives up Medicaid costs or impacts low income.
After all, if conservatives can’t support multi-unit development at Chalmers with its federal monies and upper income demographics (with no impact on Medicaid and no low income housing), then certainly the conservative outrage and challenge to this project will make the socialism inherent in Chalmers pale in comparison.
You betcha’!

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