The Most Important Post This Year(that everyone should read)

I think this post from Tim Becker @ Mohawk Valley Compass is a must read.
The most important meeting this year (that almost no one went to)
The key point is this:

Leaders who see the way to the future need to do more than come up with good ideas. They also need to do the hard work of building the trust and understanding with the public so that we move forward with some degree of unity.

Tim is exactly right: there needs to be some degree of unity, some reduction in fractiousness  and some embrace of vision. This project could be the case study to make that happen.
Just read the full piece.

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  1. Luis says:

    I haven’t read about a better program in this area that provides for this type of planning and funding to make future plans and make them happen as well. These are two key items that can transform an area and community for the better if implemented and actually followed.
    There is no question that this program should be of the up most of importance to all at city hall including planning, economic development and engineering and of course the general public. Without this unity well we see those results today. Yet there is an obvious lack of leadership that needs to be filled here by our current or future elected officials.
    The results could be incorporated into the master plan, plus lead to amendments for the Zoning Law in order to guide future planners and fulfill objectives.
    What’s the objective we want? A greater quality of life and thriving community for all.

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