Second Glimmer of Hope for 2015: Proposal for Rec Center in City of Amsterdam

Yesterday I remarked on how Alderman Russo’s statement on how demolition does not solve problems offered a glimmer of hope in 2015 for actually building something in the city and maybe getting some policies that encourage residential development.

Today brings a second glimmer for 2015 from this article in the Mohawk Valley Compass on the proposal for a rec center. 

I think the fact that this is ambitious and something with broad demographic appeal is exactly what the city needs. While the location is not finalized, the possible siting at the 5 corners encompasses three things that the city needs to focus on: repurposing blighted property, increasing density in the city, and enhancing services in the city. I think wherever this may be sited should encompass these elements.

The key question for 2015 will be: how much energy will be invested in finding ways to make it work versus finding ways to not make it work?


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