Everything You Wanted to Know About Why No Developers Invest in Amsterdam

If you want to truly understand why developers and investors flee from Amsterdam, you need read no more than this article in the Mohawk Valley Compass. Council weighs risks of assisting Deer Run project

It’s truly epic in displaying everything wrong with the current Council ostensibly in charge of the city’s policy and interests: the arrogance, the utter cluelessness on finance and budgets, the lack of due diligence on complex issues… I could go on.

But you know what’s even more disconcerting? The same group that never wants the city to take ownership of its own development — you know, the folks who always point to ‘the County’ as the owners of economic development for the city– now don’t like the county owning the project so they want, you guessed it, AIDA to do it. In other words, the Council wants someone else to do it instead of figuring a way they can do it, when it’s quite clear that they can do it. And it’s quite clear that the Council exhibits no strategy to how to drive development to the city as they solely rely on outside agencies and actors.

It’s an epic joke.

Read it.

And weep.

And consider that this mindset , decades old, is what keeps the city from moving forward.


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