Why The Common Council and Pundits Treat Voters As Tools

Here’s why my headline is not nearly as provocative as you might think. From yesterday’s Recorder (City to review capital projects list):

The Common Council is scheduled to meet Thursday to discuss its capital project list and narrow down priority projects that will begin this year.


The purpose of the meeting is to discuss a capital project list that totals nearly $3 million for this year.


the aldermen discussed bonding and realized it is an opportunity to address other capital projects that have been ignored over the years.

What strikes me about this meeting and the utter lack of uproar over the meeting is that the Council — the very same Council beating a constant drumbeat on the state of the city’s financials and its debt– is holding a meeting to discuss doing the very same thing that they swore and testified will doom the city if there is even a penny more of spending or debt. Let’s remember that this is the same Council which spent weeks and months deliberating fiscal policy with with the mayor’s car which has an asset value of $900. Clearly not $900 thousand or $9 million dollars — 900 dollars.
So how can this Council even consider a meeting on something that appears to be many, many times 900 dollars?
Before we answer that, why is there no uproar from the usual pundits on the all so dire straits of the city and how can the Council even consider a meeting with any discussion of new spending or debt? Are the presses out of ink and the radio towers somehow unplugged?
No, it’s not that at all. It’s simply that the Council and the fellow demagogues on the city’s financials think you’re a tool and won’t notice the cognitive dissonance in holding a meeting on whether to do the very thing they screamed should never, ever be done and for which they ridicule and skewer the mayor and previous councils for the very same thing on which they now seem intent to pursue.
They truly think you’re a tool and will not call them out.
Simple as that.
And unfortunately, I think they will get away with it yet again.

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