Amsterdam Ranked Best and Worst in Global Survey of Cities

(Washington, DC)– April 1, 2015 — According to the most recent survey of the US Association of Newspapers and World Reporting, the Town of Amsterdam is ranked one of the country’s best places to live while the City of Amsterdam ranks as one of the worst.

The survey of over 1200 global cities, large and small, considered a range of factor in its rankings including: educational opportunities, economic opportunities, and quality of life issues.

The Town of Amsterdam ranked topmost in quality of life issues given its abundance of shopping opportunities (Target, Staples), its willingness to turn greenspace into a casino, its contribution to suburban sprawl, and its pristine roads and parking lots.

The City of Amsterdam scored at the bottom in almost every measured category of the random sample of global cities. Surprisngly, survey respondents chose war zones such as Tikrit, Iraq as offering better quality of life and economic opportunity than the city. Crucially, Tikrit’s infrastructure, even after sustained mortar strikes, scored higher than Amsterdam with more drivable roads, fewer potholes and less blighted housing.

The full survey will be released on April 1, 2015 at

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