So Long to Our Best and Brightest: AHS Class of 2015

First, a congratulations to the AHS students in the Top 10 of their class. The full bios and names are in the story Amsterdam High School class of 2015 top 10
With yet another crop of students graduating, I think it raises a never asked but important question in how to revive the city: How do we get the best and brightest to return to the city once they graduate college?
Think about what occupies the collective mind , mine included: the golf course, the bridge, the political infighting and contrast that to how well it answers the question posed. The answer is: those things don’t matter. I would bet they could care less. They are actually accomplishing something versus trying to accomplish nothing or keep others from accomplishing anything. Read the previous sentence again– it is unquestionably true.
A young person just starting their professional or academic career could care less about what passes for substance here– the politics, the egos, the incessant negativity and self-loathing. They just want to pursue their dreams and make a home and life somewhere cool, somewhere interesting, somewhere that allows them to thrive, somewhere where people actually want to be.
So exactly what are we, as the wise elders and parents, doing here to make that happen? How are our esteemed pundits and community leaders doing in making that happen? What energy and effort is going into making this a place someone younger, than let’s say 30, might want to live in?
The answer is: Nothing.
A sincere wish for best of luck to the students as they embark.
And most likely not to settle back here.

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