Demolishing the City of Amsterdam Labyrinth — Did You Expect Anything But?

I’m totally amused by the headline in the Daily Gazette on the piecemeal destruction of the labyrinth, Destruction of Amsterdam labyrinth baffles builders.


What would truly be baffling is if the labyrinth had remained intact. It is Amsterdam after all.

And in Amsterdam, there is no higher form of art or noble goal or human aspiration than demolition.

Never mind the volunteers who actually tried to build something — creating and building are hardly noble endeavours in our fair city. F’ the volunteers and the builders and the artists who would dare to question the deity of demolition and destruction.

What matters most is what you can rail against and what you can tear down — symbolically, metaphorically or physically.  That’s what matters here.

So let’s not feign bafflement at something that is astoundingly clear and well understood.

Maybe not everywhere, but certainly here in Amsterdam.


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