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Know Your Role — Muni Edition

I largely agree with the issues raised by Mayor Thane and TIm Becker on why the Council’s actions on Muni do not serve the public interest. I’ve also posted on this a number of time before (here, here and here). As the Council seems determined...


KIckoff 2014

A few things: — Please check out Mohawk Valley Compass ¬†, the new online local publication. ¬†Wishing them a successful 2014 with their rollout. I am happy to see an alternate point-of-view in a more broadly distributed publication. — Golf Course : my oh my,...


Asset (Mis)Management

Time and time again, the very people entrusted with managing and enhancing the public assets of the city fail to serve the community’s interest. The recent decision on the Amsterdam Municipal Golf Course, “Muni”, illustrates the key elements at play. First: the failure to focus...