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The Demolitionists' Dismay (Updated)

Update 12/16/2013 — I was away from the blog this weekend and looking at the comments, I want to make a few things crystal clear: – You can disagree with me. You do not get to say I’m “way out of my league” for voicing...


Dear Mayor

Dear Mayor, I am writing to express my displeasure at the downtown traffic situation. As you know, folks lead busy lives , juggling family, work and sometimes vacation. So when traffic is congested , as in your city, it not only hurts us residents but...


Woo Hoo!

More great news for the demolitionists as Esquire faces the wrecking ball! Let’s not forget the demolitionists’ underlying religiosity on demolition — the more we wreck, the better off we are. Of course, the funding for demolition through bonding and its attendant costs to the...