GASD School Board Elections

As the school board elections are May20th, I thought I’d visit the GASD Web site to learn about the candidates. But alas, the site has no information on the candidates. Nada.
On the other hand, Broadalbin Perth and Scotia Glenville as two examples do provide some information on the candidates. And both link from the home page. It’s so amazingly simple.

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  1. Sheree Patterson says:

    I agree. I ran and it wasn’t even published anywhere that I was a RN. I’m really disappointed as myself and the other losing candidate were running to help improve the diservice our disabled children bear daily. I’m not sure if they lack ethics, intelligence. or just simply don’t care.
    It was heart breaking to see a community my ancestors have lived in for so long care so little. Check the website again- no special ed section. The poor kids are just baggage to this community. The district refers to them publically in the Recorder as “the ills of society…”
    My honest feeling is if they don’t care for all of the children, including the disabled, they don’t belong in Amsterdam NY and should seek employment elsewhere. We certainly don’t want them in THIS community.
    I also tried warning the community about the trick that were being used in assessments and budgets. They didn’t get it. Wait til there tax bill comes. I’m not going away… I’m going to keep running for the board and help these kids.
    I’m going to keep talking and blogging and writing… and eventually the “true ills of society” (hint: not the kids) will get out and go back under the rocks they crawled out from under.
    Whoever you are… I like what you’re doing.

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