The Financial Dissonance of the GASD

If you recall, the budget flier from the GASD for the 2008-2009 budget claimed the following:

Closing Bacon Elementary School substantially lowered the costs for salaries, health and retirement benefits, utilities and more.

Yet according to the GASD Web site today, we find this related to the “Contract for Excellence” Program:

New teachers will be hired and placed at Barkley Elementary, Marie Curie Institute, Wilbur Lynch Academy, Amsterdam High School.

At the elementary schools, the goal is to reduce class sizes to a maximum of 25 students. Currently, classes at the district’s four elementary generally have between 25 and 30 students.

So the administration and board shamelessly claim how closing Bacon cut costs yet ignore the need to now add elementary teachers plus additional classrooms (please see my prior posts). And what’s even more audacious is to tout the emphasis on class size reduction which was dismissed as ‘elitist’ and ‘snobbery’ from this very same administration and most of the current board when the issue of class size was advocated by Bacon supporters.

Time and again, the GASD makes clear that it holds no regard for true financial accountability as it can claim to have reduced costs while at the same time adding costs through some Alice in Wonderland financial calculator. Meanwhile the district continues to pay for the consequences of this folly as school-by-school falls short on its academic performance which then must be solved through additional costs and programs. On and on it goes….

And no one cares or dares to hold the district accountable. Pathetic.

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  1. Good for GASD. Amsterdam is a huge mafia town, so it’ll never change unless Batman comes to clean it. I find it comical. Weren’t they thinking about closing the library? Suffer Amsterdam, suffer.

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