Lemons and Lemonade at the Walter Elwood Museum

As the GASD just handed the Walter Elwood Museum(WEM) Board some lemons, a few thoughts on how to serve up some lemonade:
1) Leverage the Web — The current WEM web site makes it seem it’s business as usual at the museum with no mention of the current situation. As the museum is shut down, the Web site is a vital, essential, critical tool to communicate with the community and members. Use the Web to fund raise, mobilize and communicate. This needs to be done, like , yesterday.
2) Ramp Up Fundraising — As the WEM has no operating capability and hence no revenue drivers, the WEM needs to appeal to its members and community for financial support.
3) Challenge the GASD — As I posted yesterday, I don’t think the GASD should shutter the building without at least working on a road map with the WEM and with the community. I think the current responses from the board and administration fall short in answering exactly what they envision down the road. So far the attitude seems dismissive at best. This should not stand.

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2 Responses

  1. rug city says:

    I agree completely. Who made this decision? Did anybody on the GASD Board disagree or at least question the decision?
    I have to tell you, if they deem this building unihabitable then half the homes and buildings in Amsterdam should be shut down. I know of many old homes and buildings that have bats and some crumbling bricks- it’s very common in old cities like A’dam. My guess is somebody got ticked at the letter outlining the issues and took it personally. Either that or your typical kneejerk reaction to liability concerns.

  2. ha ha suffer Amsterdam, suffer…

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