A Dizzying Decision

I’m not surprised that the GASD opted to sell the Walter Elwood Museum building (Daily Gazette article here). As I’ve posted, the signals from the GASD over the past few weeks made the intention quite clear.
What’s dizzying is the underlying ‘rationale’ for the decision. See if you can follow the GASD’s line of reasoning:
The district closed the museum because the museum was unusable and unsafe due to bats. So the district did not want to spend money to remediate the bats unless of course, they were going to sell the building– which they just decided– so now it’s okay to spend money to remediate the bats, but once the bats have been remediated, I’m sure the Walter Elwood Museum can’t then use the building because the district will be selling it, clearly marketing the building as the illustrious former home and museum, now totally rid of the bats. Did I forget to mention bats? Meanwhile the district needs to act in the utmost haste because they need to sell the building as they’ve allowed the museum to operate illegally for several decades and rather than wait a few months, weeks or even minutes, the board must rid of itself of the museum , and the bats, — out damn’d spot— lest they be discovered as modern day Lady Macbeths with the blood archives of the museum on their hands. Don’t bats drink blood? And while tortured by their visions, the board does seek fairness in the world “I felt like for a minute there was going to be a stalemate and that’s not fair for the district, the museum or the people who use the museum” according to board member Sean Piasecki. For who wants a stalemate when a checkmate is so much quicker: Checkmate Walter Elwood Museum!
Do bats play chess?
In the end, this is yet another poor decision lacking any due process on the board and lacking any consideration of the other stakeholders in the community. But for once, the vote was not unanimous so I appreciate Ms DeRossi and Mr Parillo voting against the grain.

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