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I’m woefully behind in posts for a number of reasons so let me try to quick hit a few issues:
–Golf Course: The Recorder loves the word ‘posture’ when editorializing on the golf course. What they fail to notice in their haste to move past the issue is the abandonment of the public interest in the golf course by the council .
–Economic downturn: It’s quite clear that we face a difficult economy at least until late next year especially in the retail sector. Given the challenges in retailing, I’m all-so-nervous about retail based development in the city unless we’re staging and planning for 2010 and beyond.
–The Pedestrian Bridge: I have to admit to a twisted, convoluted rationale for my position on the bridge: I’m for-it and against-it. I’m for it in the sense that money is available and that it does have the potential to tie the downtown with the south side to create synergism between the two. At the same time, I see a classic case of supply sided thinking with no comparable demand side thinking: why do I want to go downtown if I’m in the all-so-hip Via Ponte? Or why would I start in the dismal downtown to walk across to Via Ponte?
–Downtown Revitalization: I posted a while back that we should find a new downtown for the city away from the Frogger-like maze of highways that currently entombs downtown. Unless we radically change the architectural landscape of downtown which I do not see in the plans, I just do not see how you could have a walkable, vibrant downtown given theĀ  current landscape. Anything is possible but this requires radical repurposing of a huge swath of our city. Why not choose a more readily adaptable section of the city as the ‘heart’ versus the historical section that has been nearly decimated architecturally, aesthetically, and many adverbs more.
–AIDA: Given the recent article on AIDA and looking to ramp up in 2009, I hope the new board view their role as more than the ‘Industrial Development’ part. I hope they jump on the bandwagon that if you want to attract businesses here especially in knowledge intensive industries, the community and community quality of life matter too. It’s more than just funding and sprouting shell buildings.
–Too much sappy Christmas music? I’m listening to this lately:

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