Donde estan los blogs?

I just noticed that the Recorder’s much heralded blogs rolled out as part of the new direction of the paper and the Recorder’s ‘exciting’ online business model and presence no longer exist. Que pasa?
Sadly the blogs contained one or two posts at most and had not been updated with more than an announcement that they would be updated and that it was exciting to be part of the online community.
I find this a bit odd on several levels. First, the Recorder’s product and brand is suffering from the disconnect between the promoted product and the delivered product. Second, the online gap between the Recorder and its competitors grows wider as the online features of the Recorder diminish or fail to develop.Third, and this is conjecture, it may show a lack of commitment to online technology and business models as part of its future business model.
As most newspapers experience declining print circulation, the Recorder will face a difficult future if they cannot pull together an online strategy.  What may be most troubling for the Recorder is if they rely too much on a print circulation customer base versus an online customer base. If the reason for the withdrawal of blogs and a backburner approach to online stems from a lack of customer demand, the Recorder faces a truly daunting challenge in regaining readership in the days ahead.

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  1. Ann Peconie says:

    Cannot find the Recorder blog after doing a google search. Do you need an online subscription to access it? Help, can you post the link so we can all see what you are talking about, thanks.

  2. flippinamsterdam says:

    My post referred to the a blogs link off of the Recorder Web site. I no longer see any links to the blogs (unless they were moved or buried elsewhere) so that’s what prompted my post.

  3. I’ve found that what you’ve described is usually what happens with MSM blogs. They just don’t seem to get it. They never link to other blogs for instance, a complete failure to recognize the way most blog readers operate. I’ve always linked to local blogs in my blog roll and periodically in post and such, but why would I link to a local newspaper blog that offers almost nothing but the same opinions I already get through their stories? And one that doesn’t acknowledge their fellow bloggers either?
    At first I worried about local newspaper blogs killing the “organic” blogosphere, but now I don’t – they simply don’t have a clue, they are behind the ball, and they tend to bury their (rarely updated) blogs. there are exceptions, but they are few and far between.

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