I should not be surprised that snow removal in Amsterdam is a politically charged and controversial issue. I think running with long, sharp scissors has less of a chance of poking your eye than is likely from the myriads of fingers pointing blame. I see every stakeholder in this losing again and again the more this continues. I find it surreal to listen to how faults for the problem lies wholly in the random nature of the storms and winter weather.  As if winter were not long enough already, we get another drama.

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  1. Ann Peconie says:

    I am appalled at reading yesterday’s Recorder to find out that the DPW Dept had spent ALL of their budgeted over time monies for snow removal and plowing by 11/26/08!! Who is supervising this dept? Someone higher up needs to take action right now. I am also to understand that garbage truck crews go home after they finish their runs- whether that be 11:30, 1:00pm, or earlier (heard they go home very earlly on Weds. in particular) and someone punches them all out at the end of the day. When asked why this was allowed, I was told that it “is a really dirty job and it is a perk they have done for them for a long time”. Well I think I would like to apply to be on the crew. I could dump garbage in the am and go to work at the museum by lunchtime. I am appalled. Think of all those guys could do after they finished their garbage run? Snow removal, fire hydant cleaning, truck cleaning and repair, etc. Time for CHANGE!!!!

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