School District Budget Aid

From Sen Schumer’s report (here):

County/School DistrictTitle I-A FundingIDEA/Special Education FundingConstructionTotal Increase in Funding
Montgomery County Total$1,390,000$2,080,000$2,520,000$6,040,000
Amsterdam $870,000$1,050,000$1,510,000$3,440,000
Fort Plain$160,000$240,000$310,000$720,000
St Johnsville$80,000$140,000$170,000$400,000

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2 Responses

  1. Ann Peconie says:

    Wonder what the GASD plans to do with all that extra funding? I have some ideas and I sure you do too. Let’s list some suggestions for them.
    -Funding for Gifted and talented program/enrichment in each elementary school.
    -Free before and aftercare services with tutoring and homework help for working parents.
    -Homework hotline/extra hour each day with a certified teacher for students who need extra help in their studies to raise achievement.

  2. Ann Peconie says:

    also read this in the Leader Herald-
    CHEERS – To a commendable offer. Gloversville Enlarged School District Superintendent Robert DeLilli will not get a raise in his newly extended contract, which expires in September 2011. And it was his suggestion. Forget about what his salary is, forget about the number of students in the district, forget about how those numbers compare to other districts. The bottom line is Bob DeLilli said it’s OK to keep things the way they are. How many others have done that? How many others would do it? He did it, and he deserves the cheer.
    btw- he and our super both are paid $120k per year.

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