It’s hard to do classic covers justice but this is an exception (Alice in Chains & Gretchen Wilson perform Barracuda by Heart ).  Enjoy

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5 Responses

  1. madmirth says:

    Thanks for that. Although I enjoy following your blog, those last few post were harshing my mellow… Not that I am one to bury my head in the sand about the economic climate as of late, but I enjoyed this break from it.

  2. poledancer says:

    Awesome….needed this!!

  3. Ann Peconie says:

    Is Gretchen Nancy Wilson of Heart’s daughter? She sounds just like her, if so, WOW!
    I always thought the blond sister of Heart, cannot remember her name, was so much prettier than Nanc. Grethcen looks like Nanc’s girl though…

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