Groundhog Day

I’m struggling with my blog of late, maybe it’s lack of sunshine or lack of inspiration, but whatever it is, I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, only I’m drafting the same blog post over and over.
Sure, there are some newsworthy events — the Mayor’s State of the City, downtown revitalization, local impact of Senator Gillibrand, the upcoming school budget, the ongoing economic crisis– but somehow I can’t seem to get myself past a draft, and not even a decent draft at that.
I felt optimistic today as I was going to run with a compare and contrast of the weekend editorials in the Gazette and Recorder but then lost interest after my first few sentences: haven’t I said this before?
And what’s the point in commenting on the ill-conceived ideologies and commentaries on a whole slew of issues from Web site design, to urban planning, to community development,  to snow removal? Oh my god, I actually blog about snow removal!?!
I’ll be back once I shake off the groundhog.

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