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Updated: I forgot a sentence (green highlight)
From The Recorder (here):

Board member James Walrath said the 4.13 percent Perillo would receive in the budget is in line with other contractual raises.

“Given the percentage that these raises constitute of the budget, I think we’re wasting our time talking about it,” he said.

When the budget takes effect, Perillo will have been in his position for a year, and Walrath said the raise is not only fair but well-deserved.

“I think he’s done a phenomenal job over the past eight months,” said Walrath.

I think this statement grossly misreads the economic and political tea leaves and for good measure, shows sheer contempt to the interests of the public in the budget debate. I think I need to rename my blog for the next few months while this budget evolves but I cannot think of a non-expletive laced title. But then, I don’t want to waste your time talking about it.

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  1. Ann Peconie says:

    please waste our time and talk about it at great length. Heard Mr. Walrath is running again this spring for re-election. We really need to find a more transparent person to run against him asap…..flippin blog owner? I would but am alittle busy right now trying to move a museum due to being evicted from our home of 42 years…well pretty much sums it up at least in my opinion……

  2. madmirth says:

    snip – “DeRossi said her position on the matter has nothing to do with performance but is instead a reflection of the economic climate and in following the example of everyone cutting back.”
    Good for you. I hear about how people at companies are bypassing raises, vacation time, working shorter weeks so that their coworkers are spared cutback in this time of crisis. Seeing how half of my family and friends are currently laid off (myself included) I think these are noble people. I have not seen this locally, and it saddens me. Enough finger pointing, its time for the area to find ways to move forward, together.
    Sorry, I guess I woke up ‘harsh’ today…

  3. Dream Weaver says:

    While I agree that Walrath is out of touch with the majority of his constituents who are against large pay raises for administration especially during this economy, I am surprised that you didn’t pick up on Parillo’s quote to the effect that he ran for the board as a taxpayer and is on the board looking out for the taxpayer and that, as a result, the board needs to cut down to contingency because that is best for the taxpayer. What about what’s best for the students? Or some sort of compromise between the two? It’s almost like ‘education’ is a dirty word. Really, New York needs to pass a constitutional amendment revamping the way public schools are governed and funded. Let’s do away with school property taxes and these ridiculous amateur boards of education.

    • flippinamsterdam says:

      DreamWeaver– You’re right; I missed it. In my defense, I’ve pointed out this philosophy so many times that either I’m starting to tune it out or I’m just tired of addressing it over and over and over… Thanks for pointing it out

  4. Gina says:

    Hey Ann, could I please see a copy of that eviction notice? Last I knew we had a perfectly legal lease with the WEM and the WEM CHOSE to move.

  5. Gina says:

    Thank you to those of you who understand the balance we try to keep between the high taxes we pay and the needs of the students. I appreciate the support.

  6. ann peconie says:

    chose to move? I think not! Asked to have building gifted to wem? YES…answer by BOE NO, illegal…. But really NOT!
    Forced to find new home…reality viewpoint.
    In the end the Manor is much better, come down and see the great shape it is in and the painting being done by NYS in all rooms, gonna look fabulous.
    Consider coming to the wem and helping us pack some Saturday. Some more BOE support would be wonderful especially during this re-election year….

  7. Gina says:

    Well, considering we have a perfectly legal lease and it was not brought up by WEM for you to continue leasing it as the WEM CHOSE to move, I would say that was choosing. By the way, I was the ONLY one who supported the idea of gifting the building to the WEM, which can only legally be done through a public vote.
    However, we were also told by members of your board that even if we were to gift you the building that you could not afford to pay the utilities and upkeep so it wouldn’t matter anyway.
    The reality is that all we asked was if you were going to stay in the building that it be done in a legal manner, as it is being done now. The reality is that in public forum some members of your board actually asked our board to knowingly break the law and continue things as they were. Hello lawsuit! No thank you. I am certainly not going to jail or getting fined for a position I don’t get paid for when there is a perfectly legal way to fix the problem, which is what we did.
    As for the rest, I never do things just because it is an election year. I think that is slimy politics and not the way I am. I would be happy to help if I had time to do so, but the majority of my weekends lately are spent working and many of those are working in Boston.

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