Plus or Minus Two Degrees

I’m not sure how the human race has survived this long. It’s been frigid, chilly, damp for many months with us running from heated house to heated car to heated office. So now that we finally have warm temperature, we start to run from a/c in the house to a/c in the car to a/c in the office. And the despair of the frigid cold will now turn to despair of the heat prodded on by the daily drama called meteorology. At this rate, I think we will ultimately evolve our body temperatures to such a narrow degree that we will spontaneously combust if the temperature rise 5 degrees our comfort zone.
My second observation will be that the snarky, dismissive comments toward global warming science will hibernate until the next winter. When your argument relies upon a single observation of the current temperature, you can get away with it in the winter when it’s 10 below. But on a 90 or 95 degree summer day, not so much.

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