Out of Touch

On my first read of Mr. Gould’s letter, I was struck by its parallels to my own thinking of this city. Wow, I thought this so clearly articulates many of my points on historic preservation, architecture and community renaissance. And it even highlighted the importance of signaling from a finance perspective and indirectly the relevance of marketing and branding our city.
More importantly I thought it called the community out in a sense much like I try to do on this blog. I especially honed in on this:However. that does not mean that I am willing to spend years of effort and take a major financial risk if there is not community support.
A while after reading Gould’s letter, I posted a comment on amsterdamit which not surprisingly was roundly rejected and stated that I was “out of touch”. Epiphany moment.
As a rational investor, Mr. Gould is willing to walk away from this community rather than take what to him seem like heightened risks from the community itself. Think about that again: he’s not considering walking from the inherent risk of the building; he’s walking away from the inherent risk of a community that does not get the importance of redevelopment. You can remediate toxic chemicals; you can’t remediate a toxic community mindset and ideology.
To paraphrase Lawrence in Office Space, “F’in A, man!”.
I’ve decided that I will be out of touch for a bit as I find my desire to deal with the cognitive dissonance around most of the debates on a host of issues waning. Just so you see what I mean, I’m going to recap for you:
School District Performance: McNulty school needs more resources and Middle School less Per Supt Perillo; the same person who advocated closing Bacon to divert more resources to the Middle School (public meeting on Bacon closure)
Magnet Schools: our first and highly touted magnet school model for success  McNulty needs the most resources to improve academically
Pots and Kettles (see prior post)
And of course Chalmers.
See ya…

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  1. awish4Amsterdam says:

    I have nothing to add except I too am, “out of touch”(and proud of it).
    Great post.

  2. P. K. Dick says:

    The emotional investment can be taxing.
    The magnet school charade is now fully apparent. The magnet school method works when it acts to filter the students – parents care enough to fill out an application, etc. – the transients are cycled out. Scores “improve” ostensible due to the magnet program but in reality due to the filtering effect.
    If every school is a magnet there is no filtering, hence, no improvement. The beneficiary is the local bus company as students drive all over the district wasting tax dollars – but don’t worry it is covered by state aid.
    Just remember life is a process not a goal – fight the fight if that is your path.

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