On Architecture (Updated)

I’m curious as to how this will turn out (from Recorder story Planning board to revisit site plan for proposed eatery):
The planning board asked BBL Hospitality to come up with some ideas to make the restaurant fit into the historic district it will lie in. The restaurant will be across from the Sanford Stud Farm, and ideas to make it fit into the area included period style lighting fixtures and an equestrian theme on the outside.
As there are no plans to see or renderings, I’ll reserve judgment but I think it’s safe to say that “equestrian themes” do not necessarily translate into “architectural fit”. I find the characterization a bit odd so we’ll see once the plans come out.
Update: As I drove by Walgreens this morning, I admired the ‘big ugly retail box’ themed exterior that really fits the history of the surrounding farm: the architectural detail plus the sweeping expanse of asphalt were just spectacular displays of historic and architectural fit!

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