Sunday Drive

I’m not all that inspired today so I’m going to highlight some other posts and blogs that I find relevant. Here they are and why:
– Talk verus walk (here) : PK Dick lays out the complexity of the issues/obstacles/problems facing the district and then asks : Now lets hear some simple solutions! My snarky response would be: just vote no on the budget and the problems will fix themselves. But the challenge asks a tough question; I’m not sure I know a simple fix. I’m stumped but I’ll try to loop back.
-More for less (here): MJD articulates a great post on a myriad of issues
-Attack of the Krab(here) : Charlie Kraebel takes down yet another talking point on the Chalmers debate. And I’m the one supposedly blindingly pushing talking points?
– Great job, Bob (here): Even after previous posters pointed out the error in calculating the assessed value of Chalmers using just a city tax rate, local radio host Mike Mancini weighs in with: “Great job Bob !!!! Keep up the good work.” That comment says more than I could ever say.

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