Open Thread: Ear Candy (Update)

Update: First, thank you all for playlists so far– some things to visit and revisit– and appreciate it very much. Let me up the challenge: I’m traveling and limited for time so if I had to choose one CD to bring, what would it be? Thread still open on playlists too. Thanks!
I’m a bit bored with music of late as radio offers the same-of-the-sameĀ  and my music collection needs an overhaul. So curious as to what’s on your playlist that is worthy of a listen…

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8 Responses

  1. wildthane says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for this. I needed desperately to turn my attention away from matters at hand and didn’t even know it.
    I’m going through a Tom Jones, Tony Bennett phase, augmented with Diana Krall, Sting and a smattering of Chopin, Mendelssohn and Beethoven.
    A romantic period… I believe in life again.

  2. w. murphy says:

    Ted Nugent- ‘Free for All’
    Cake- ‘The Distance’
    Devo- ‘Jocko Homo’ (Are we not men..)
    Alphaville- ‘Forever Young’
    When in Rome- ‘The Promise’
    Sublime- ‘Doin Time’
    Flobots- ‘Handlebars’
    Ben Folds Five- ‘Army’
    and perhaps the cheesiest, best song of all time…Def Leppard ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’
    Pathetic throwbacks I know, but I’m preparing for my 25th HS reunion, and must get into the proper Mullet 80s state of mind.

  3. Charlie Kraebel says:

    I’m still in my Rusted Root haze, but you can’t go wrong with them.
    For something completely different, give Cibo Matto a day in court, especially if you’re in the mood to groove to some urban Japanese chick hip-hop/funk. Sean Lennon was involved with this group.

  4. Ann Peconie says:

    goin through a Queen phase of late, but do love Rusted Root too Charlie. Got new Dave Matthews cd, not bad.
    And my fav of late is the Pixies- Here comes my man…..and so much more
    The The
    The Cult
    Cindy Lauper greatest hits with redos of most old songs done with twist- love it!

    • Charlie K. says:

      Love the Pixies, and I’m a big fan of Frank Black’s solo work as well. “Los Angeles” is a fantastic song.
      Cindy Lauper rules … but I have to say, Willie Nelson’s cover of “Time After Time” is really good.
      Flip, if you’re into any good acoustic tunes … Tim Easton is also worth a listen.
      Also, see if you can get ahold of some Cactus. My dad turned me on to those cats a few years ago, they do a really nice, crunchy, kick-you-in-the-ass cover of “Parchman’s Farm.”

  5. Karin says:

    John Lennon. Any of his music. “Imagine” is the one that always gets to me.

  6. Al Kercado says:

    Led Zepplin IV – Stairway to heaven

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