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I posted earlier how Mark Robarge’s blog has been taken down. Now Charlie Kraebel on the same day effectively shuts his blog down in terms of commentary on local issues citing this:

However, the atmosphere of the local online community, not just this site but others as well, has created a situaton where the line between this blog and the Recorder have become so blurred that the credibility of the newspaper, and me as an individual, are starting to come into question.
Quite honestly, I think I’ve gone out of my way to protect that credibility. Most of what I post when it pertains to local issues merely raise questions or throw bits of information out their for discussion and debate.
However, since I also maintain a policy of pretty much letting anyone say whatever they want, whether it’s critical or not, it has allowed for some pretty kooky postings, and unfortunately a blog like this one will quickly become associated with those statements.
Fair? Not by a long shot. Reality? Unfortunately, yes.
That being said, Krab-cakes and Football will no longer include postings related to stories that are being covered in the Recorder. I’m going to try to keep a somewhat of a local theme, but I’m not sure how that’s going to happen.
There will probably be the smattering of things related to national and state issues, along with a healthy dose of football since the NFL is back.
I will say this, however. I have never, ever approached local news tidbits on this blog with the intent of swaying public opinion in one direction or the other. At the same time, I have always, always tried to ensure that local news, at whatever paper I worked at, was covered in the fairest, most truthful way possible.

Here is what Mark Robarge posted earlier:

Nothing curious or nefarious at all … I’ve been considering taking down the blog for several months because of the time constraints of actually having a life since my wife and I reconciled (regular readers will recall the constant apologies for the infrequency of postings over the past three or four months).

Given the anger the current debate stirred in me (and the angry response it elicited from me), I felt this was the right time to step aside, get out of the debate and go back to simply reporting the facts and letting other people give their opinions.

Translation: It’s not worth the aggravation anymore, especially when I’ve got much, much more important things to do with what little free time I have.

I’m not sure if the Recorder will cover this story but it strikes me as an interesting twist not only from the role of blogging as a medium but if and how the Recorder managing editors and publishers were involved in this decision.  Point blank: did the Recorder management play a role in their decision to pull their blogs? As Charlie alludes to ‘the credibility of the newspaper’ I think I can connect the dots here as what drove this confluence of events.  I think Mark’s post tells only part of the story in light of Charlie’s post and actions within a few short hours of Mark’s post.
I’ll be curious to see if there is an official statement from the Recorder.

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5 Responses

  1. I will say this once and not say anymore on the subject.
    Krab-cakes and Football is not shutting down, by any means. If you think Chalmers is the only thing keeping it going, think again. I got more traffic during the whole ACC vs. the Big East debate than I ever had on any post concerning Chalmers.
    In fact, I intend to keep a local focus on the blog, although there will be some changes.
    Also, understand this. The decision to not post on stories published by the Recorder is mine, and mine alone. Krab-cakes and Football is my blog, and does not belong to the Recorder.
    I’m going in a different direction mainly because the arguments and statements affiliated with my blog, and the fact that my blog is being lumped in with this site, The Judge Report, Amsterdancin’, Amsterdamit, etc., are raising questions about not only my credibility, but the credibility of my employer. That was never the intention of my blog, but if that’s what is happening, then you bet your ass I’m going to pull back.
    But I am going to be as clear as possible on this subject:
    The decision to readjust the focus of my blog was mine, and mine alone. And I’m not shutting it down, by any means.

  2. loyalsouthsider says:

    Considering the fact that the mayor has gone as far as to having people terminated from their jobs, it would not surprise me if she or her gang of shrews did not play some part in this tragic event.
    Our only hope is that she does not put our city in complete ruins in the next couple of years and then finally, after the next election our city will finally be free of Ann Thane and her communist regime!

  3. Mark Robarge says:

    OK everybody, put the conspiracy theories to bed. I can only reiterate what I said Wednesday – I simply decided I do not have the time I feel is necessary to devote to producing a quality blog. The activity of the past few days only served as motivation for me to finally pull the plug for good.
    You are welcome to make whatever you will of that statement, but, as Charlie said about his blog, Between the Lines was mine and mine alone and any decision on it is/was made by me and me alone.
    The only thing shared in common about the decisions Charlie and I made are that we as longtime friends and colleagues discussed our actions and sought each other’s advice.

  4. The blog Krabcakes and Football has also been deleted by Charlie Kraebel. Clicking on the link brings up this page:
    “The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.”

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