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Given my July post called Like Totally Awesome, it should not be a surprise that I enthusiastically support Bob Martin for third ward..
If you read my prior posts, you will see that my policy differences with Mr. Going and Ms. DeRossi are marked, to say the least, on the major challenges facing our city and with Ms. DeROssi, my differences over the school district strategy and policy, differ radically, to say the least.
And it should not be a surprise that I am not impressed of Mr. Wierzbicki’s strategy and policy (here):

“I believe that administrations have yet to put together an aggressive marketing plan to market this community, and what we have to sell is our natural resource of good, clean water.

So the revival strategy relies upon good clean water. I’m stunned. I need not and should not say more.
Primary day is September 15th, tomorrow.
Finally, and let me be clear, I will not tolerate personal attacks regardless of candidate.  Attack issues and policies, not candidates and their families.

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4 Responses

  1. Michael Lazorro says:

    Mr. Wierzbicki is right on the money here flippin. He is just late to the table. The Thane administration has already negotiated water and sewer shared service contracts with the surrounding towns. No need to market what you have already sold! I assume he is oblivious to all outside stimulus as is apparent from his comments.
    It could be that he wants the city to get into the bottled water business. The competition would be tough though. Schenectady Springs, Buffalo Bubbly, Newark Natural to name but a few of the popular municipal bottled waters out there.
    Processed and treated, the flavor can’t be beat,
    Amsterdam water, not just to wash your feet!

  2. emma says:

    I can’t vote in that primary – but for people who have not been happy with the Mayor’s progress, (or lack thereof), for the past two years – it seems Mr.Martin would be a tough sell. However,he does actually have a great deal of outsider and community experience. I guess I would think he was a better bet,if his visions didn’t mirror the Mayor’s so much. And the fact that she was out campaigning for him, makes me feel a tad uneasy as well.
    I won’t go into detail about the primary I can vote in, except to say, I will not be endorsing our school board president. Not for this,and not for the next SBE either.
    And interestingly, if she should win, I’ll probably jump ship this November. So, I hope if Mr. Martin wins, he makes some efforts to reach out to all of us in the third ward – not just Democrats, and not by way of the Mayor.
    Hey, I notice your regulars have been pretty silent. Perhaps they don’t like that I have stated that I do disagree with you, yet bother to post here.I realize this is a left leaning blog – and that’s certainly not me.But occasionally I find middle ground and just thought once in a while, to have someone respectfully disagreeing, might make for an interesting exchange. My apologies.
    I enjoy the way you write and will continue to – in agreement or not.

  3. flippinamsterdam says:

    I think the intensity of the exchanges varies on subject. Frankly the posts that are bigger picture or more conceptual typically tend to land with a thud in terms of traffic. On the other hand, my more critical posts or event driven posts on topics such as the unmentionable (Ch—ers) will garner tons of interest and traffic.
    Hang in there, you’ll get definitely get the pushback you’ve been seeking.

  4. ann Peconie says:

    changes are a comin….news 9 reports Stark beat Johnson for 2nd ward Super with 65% of the vote. WOW!

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