Sunday Muddy Sunday

Plenty to blog about today given a few recent articles and goings-on.
First the fate of the demolition program seems uncertain given the budget gaps at the county level and given pushback from some of the county supervisors. Here is some of the pushback (from :

Charleston town Supervisor Shayne Walters, meanwhile, has proposed taking the entire $300,000 and putting it back into the Public Works Department budget to make up for cuts he claims take needed services away from the towns and were made largely at the behest of supervisors from the city of Amsterdam, which uses few if any services from the county Public Works Department.

“They took $330,000 from public works, and I want it all back in there,” he said.

And here is what I wrote a few posts back:

I’m not following why we expect the county to pay for infrastructure in the city either from a policy point or from the political point. Why would other towns approve a direct infusion of money to the city other than to raise their own tax rates given the eroding fund balance.  I’m struck how some believe that the towns will blindly go along with directly aiding the city at their expense.

This perfectly illustrates a fatal flaw with shared services: the towns may not want to share and they may have no political or financial incentive to do so. So then what? Less than 2 weeks after an election with ‘shared services’ as the theme and already the concept is falling apart with one of the city’s key initiatives and priorities at risk. Not to say ‘I told you so’ but ‘told you so’.
Second, the Recorder covers the East End (here ) and (here) and (here). I’d be curious to see the voter turnout for the East End district as it may highlight how engaged or how relevant voters feel in the East End in the political process. Also it’s good to see a discussion of the low crime rate when in fact the local folklore  suggests that the East End is anything but safe. Sadly the East End has a long way to go as it’s typically viewed as just a few blocks to travel on your way somewhere else. But hey that is true for the entire downtown as that was how it was purposely designed. Until we think of our neighborhoods as destinations for living or commerce versus gateways or thoroughfares, it will only get worse.
For those who view demolition as the answer I’d encourage reading the articles above several times.
Third, Michael Lazarou rails against this blog and a poster, Michael Lazorro  (here). I’ve addressed anonymity of this blog and posters several times in prior posts so I’m not going to rehash old arguments. I’m surprised that parody and satire are not understood by a practitioner of the very same. Most importantly I never viewed the surname as the point of the parody; that clearly would have crossed the line.
I think Mr. Lazarou overstates the use of his tag line: “Until next time — hold that thought”. Of 45 posts by ‘Michael Lazorro’, the tag line was used once and even then it was after many posts by Michael Lazorro with no tag line whatsoever.
Also, Mr. Lazarou’s statement of: Actually blog sites are not as fashionable these days. Now we have other forms of Internet communication such as “Facebook” and “Twitter.” is not true on multiple levels. While Mr. Lazarou may view this blog like I view my cats’ litter box, blogs continue to thrive and flourish as much as he would like to see it otherwise.
I would accept Mr. Lazarou’s criticism of anonymity as sincere if he would similarly rail against anonymous radio callers, anonymous posters on other blogs and publishers who publish anonymous blogs with anonymous posts.
Several days ago I asked the poster Michael Lazorro to move on so I would like to move on as well.
I see my cat nearby so it reminds me that I have some unpleasant business to attend to.

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14 Responses

  1. ann peconie says:

    Your thoughts on the front page article about the East End being ignored by its current alderman and others. Thoughts on east end having own representative versus moving to at large common council members for all wards. I think Mark and Alex bring up some valid points and concerns. wondering your thoughts on this. Route 5 is the eastern entrance to our city…hum?…I am still pondering this whole thing….

    • flippinamsterdam says:

      i can’t speak for the east end as far as their current representation. i will say that Jerry Skrocki has expressed some thoughts on amsterdamit so maybe he could weigh in as it’s his neighborhood. I have to say that the perspective from Mark and Alex seems consistent with Jerry’s. I’m not convinced alderman-at-large is the way to go; I think it runs the risk of leaving some areas underrepresented.

      • I have been advocating for East End improvements since I bought my home on Grove Street in March. Statistically, the East End Neighborhood is the most racially diverse, least educated with the highest poverty level of any other area of the city. It also has the highest percentage of renter occupied homes. It is the neighborhood in Amsterdam with the largest need for improvement and the least means to achieve it, yet there is no neighborhood block grant program for the East End and virtually no code enforcement.
        The Comprehensive Plan identified specific plans for the East End including the conversion of multifamily units to single family units to attract owner occupied homes. It also lists the traffic re-patterning as a priority in establishing a family friendly neighborhood with the building of a park and neighborhood revitalization. Centro Civico is listed as the neighborhood organization for the East End but they seem to be experiencing financial difficulties and are no longer the voice for our community. I commend Mark Capone for bringing attention to this situation by running for Alderman. Unfortunately his campaign started much too late to be effective and the nature of the statistics of the East End suggest that this population is the least likely to vote.
        We need both the County Supervisor and the Alderman for the 5th Ward to step up and advocate for the changes proposed in the comprehensive plan, it is their job to do so. The 5th Ward does not end at the South Side of the Mohawk.
        With the 2010 census comes the requirement by the Amsterdam City Charter Article III (C-26) to review the Ward boundaries for equitable distribution. Perhaps this would be the best opportunity for necessary change.

  2. skibum says:

    Let me tell you why the earmarked 300k for demo should stay. the residents of the city pay an exorbitant amt. of county tax, what do we receive back from the county, nothing!
    They do however pay out plenty to the dirtbags of A’dam who refuse to get a job.So the least they can do for the city is demolish some of the hundreds of decrepit abandoned bldgs.This was the mayors biggest concern when she campaigned for mayor the only bldgs they have taken down in 2 yrs. are the ones that began falling(Saftey issue)how about the 3 on Forbes St. those bldgs have been abandonded for 5years!!! Whats the hurry?

    • Straightshooter says:

      No the only ones the county have taken down are the buildings that didn’t have asbestos in them. They would be taking asbestos out right now but the city never trained there people. The county has been using employees, equipment and money with absolutely no help from the mayors office. County demo team was supposed to be a shared service as I recall.

      • Truth in Reporting says:

        How do you know the Mayor’s office has provided the county with “absolutely no help”? Back up your statements with facts or don’t post.

      • Straightshooter says:

        The county provided money, equipment and employees for demolition. City was supposed to provide employees for asbestos abatement. The city passed a resolution to train employees in asbestos abatement over a year ago. The city never sent their people to be trained. Mayor carries out implementation of such resolutions hence mayor hasn’t done anything with demolition and has fallen short.

      • Alex says:

        The City also provided money, equipment and employees for demolition. Amsterdam DPW always does a great job. Why do you always insist on pitting the County VS the City? This County/ City demolition team is a positive step forward in the area of shared services, and hopefully this will continue.

      • Straightshooter says:

        No they most certainly did not Alex.

  3. Jennifer Eric says:

    Flippin, Flippin, Flippin
    You are so easily agitated. Just stop reading that crazy stuff they write in that paper. You will not persuade them they are wrong. They are too far out on the limb to turn back.
    The good news is that blacksmith and newspaper editor will soon be united in the same classification of archaic occupations.
    50 years from now little Johnny will ask, “What is a newspaper editor?” And mommy will answer, “a person who checked over the writing of reporters and made sure there were no mistakes before the paper was printed.”
    “That sounds boring, didn’t a red line just appear under the mistakes,” remarked Johnny?
    “No line appeared at first, and it was boring, but they alleviated the boredom by writing editorials concerning things about which they knew next to nothing.”
    Johnny will be puzzled because that makes no sense. Just because something is odd doesn’t stop it from being true; Johnny being young and naive does not know this yet.
    Johnny becoming bored with his archaic occupation homework, takes a break and reviews his favorite blogs.

  4. skibum says:

    Deleted by flippin’ — skibum: more decorum please in your criticism

  5. Truth in Reporting says:

    How about the authors of Recorder Editorials? Why don’t you come out first and let us know which editorials you have written. And then start a Recorder policy whereby every editorial writer has to sign his/her name next to the editorial. Won’t do it? Can’t do it?
    Or better yet, why don’t you actually respond to my last post and tell us if the Recorder would post an apology and retraction. It was a simple question about the newspaper’s policy. But no, you couldn’t. Far better to simply let the paper attack the integrity and reputation of individuals behind Editorial anonymity while requiring those who would defend to do so in the open – and probably subject to a front page story. No, and you talk about blatant hypocrisy?
    Flippin’ is furthering free speech without fear of intimidation or retribution.

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