Tuesday Roundup

City Budget (from story here) –once again, the political will to execute your goals fails as a housing inspector position is eliminated. So you can run on a campaign touting your tough stance on tough code enforcement and then decide you do not need to staff the department. Then a few years from now, we can all be told how we need to get tough on code enforcement and start the cycle yet again.And where are the demolition men and women– I see nothing in the budget to pursue our dreams of demolition as “the” answer. Funny how that works– words versus actions.
The Golf Course — a common meme is that the golf course is economically self-sufficient yet from the story here and from the story here it sure looks like the budget and bond issue fall on to the public tax payers. Snark fails. And shhh, don’t tell the seniors on fixed income that they will lose library services to help pay for the golf course.
MOSA — The proposal is to allow for Otsego County to bail on MOSA yet get 40% of reserves. (here) I’ll admit not being up-to-speed on all things MOSA but I’d be hard pressed to find any basis to maintain the current entity as it has been a horrible deal for every county tax payer. If you want to see a prime example of the folly of consolidation and shared services as always economically viable and efficient, look no farther than MOSA.
Finally, the GASD– in light of the discussions on the budget elsewhere, I’m not surprised that the level of disclosure and transparency into the budget and the budget process for the GASD falls short. Check out the links on the GASD site here to the budget: you get 4 separate PDF files of photocopied line items in the budget with absolutely no explanation or insights as to what you’re looking at. I look at financial presentations all day and this would be met with contempt by even an undergrad in business school as a management presentation. Yet this is the level of communication we get from the district year after year. Meanwhile over at the Fonda Fultonville district you get a sense of the plan, the budget and the strategy and –gasp– even a public roundtable for the community-at-large.(here) Snark fails again.

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