Trepidation Thursday

A lot of action with MOSA (here and here) with a subtext of Otsego County leaving and the financial impact of said move and changes in fee structure. I’m not literate in the underlying MOSA operations or proposed strategies for moving forward with MOSA; I can only share my  trepidation at the thought of whatever agreement is put in place in light of the original agreement which created MOSA. MOSA has not served our county well at all.
A story on the 2011 mayoral race (here): I’m reserving commentary until there are actually platforms or positions outlined by the candidates to evaluate but in the interest of disclosure, I can’t help but think of the word ‘trepidation’.
The city is getting $800k in federal stimulus money via the ARRA. I’ll expect the local chorus to voice their trepidation at the nerve of the feds to give the city money — “socialism” they will surely claim.  I’m sure they will advocate for giving the money back or letting city tax payers fund it through the upcoming budget; that would be consistent with their principles. Sure.

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