Crazy Train

In a story that will undoubtedly cause a great spinning of heads and incoherent babble (here):
The Daily Star of Oneonta reported last week that the state office’s review found that MOSA has failed in its efforts to save money for its member counties on solid waste disposal. In fact, the review said, according to the Daily Star, “the authority’s existence significantly increases the cost of waste management services in the counties.”
Both Heaton and Thayer have said, and reiterated Sunday, that they agree MOSA as it was in the past was inefficient and ineffective in serving the three counties since its formation in 1989. They also again said, however, that MOSA is in the process of turning itself around after the change in leadership – including addressing many of the issues cited in the review – and they continue to believe that with better management, the authority can serve its initial objective and be a positive example of shared services.
Flippin here: See kids, no need to worry– ignore the financials because the ideology of ‘shared services as a tax savings and as economically viable in each and every scenario’ must be true. Just say it three times and click your heels together. In fact, we need to pursue even more shared services.
Crazy train indeed.

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