What Could Have Been

From the story (here):
For years, the building at 147 Church St. has sat in severe disrepair. It’s the former Bush’s Garage, long designated by a sign on the paint-chipped and graffiti-targeted building. Most people saw the garage as an ideal candidate for a wrecking ball, but local brothers Todd and Kevin Smitka saw the potential home for a full-service motorcycle shop.
It’s people like the Smitkas who create problems for our city now: whereas most people want the wrecking ball, they just had to go transform the building by executing their vision for for what the place could be not for what it is. ┬áThat is not the way we do things here.
After all, aren’t most people here always right especially when it comes to razing and demolishing stuff? Good grief, we could have had a nice parking lot.

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