Tax Hike

Proof positive that demolition costs hard dollars and hence raises taxes:

Even before the Brookside Avenue property became the city’s unbudgeted expense, the council has debated how much funding to allocate toward demolition. There was an original $200,000 request in the $1 million total capital projects requests, but 1st Ward Alderman Joseph Isabel proposed increasing funding for demolition and leaving the majority of the other items on the list unfunded.

And proof positive that demolition is not sustainable on more than a handful or properties:

When two houses collapsed on Clinton Street last year, Amsterdam Fire Chief Richard Liberti said it cost $90,000 for a private firm to remove contaminated debris from both sites, as a comparison.

And remember that 6-figure expenses ┬áto tear stuff down is utterly cool; 4-figure expenses to build stuff up — totally lame.

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