Weeks in Review

A few thoughts kicking around on some issues:
— County Budget: all I can say is how do you share services with an entity radically shedding services. If shared services was the mantra and “solution” for lowering city  taxes, then it’s more than clear that shared services is conceptually and economically flawed just as when it was first put into motion as a meme.
— $1.2 million for demolition: hooray, I can pay more taxes to demolish blighted housing stock so of course, my taxes will go down in the future once people build on the parking lots , and establish new single family housing stock. But then, we will be reminded that the city sucks and who would want to build housing stock anyway. If only we had more money to tear things down… Maybe if we shared services…
–No Ice Rink for You: Apparently $2.8 million of capital projects, of which $1.2 million is demolition, (still not following how demolition can be justified as capital expense but anyway), is perfectly fine but $2,500 to establish a skating rink is just too much. Once again, any good that promotes livability or serves as a public good, just cannot be tolerated.  Why build up neighborhoods when you can simply tear them down?
— Litmus Test: I see no legislative action to address who can buy which properties. After all, if we are facing dire threats of our stock falling into the hands of non-profits, then should we not have legislation to address that? Likewise should we not have a litmus test on beliefs and non-beliefs such that it is clear who qualifies to bid and purchase properties? Where is the Council on this vital legislation?
— Just the Facts Ma’am : I remarked a while ago on the unusual jump in crime in 2006 and 2008. What especially strikes me is how the city was cast as a hotbed of crime in the spring only to see crime as an issue and concern fall off the radar. Maybe we should not let a few incidents paint a trend and perhaps analyze the issue first before drawing conclusions. But then what would the punditry talk about?

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