From the story (here):

The not-for-profit Rivercrest Development Corp. had its skeptics when it came to an ambitious rehabilitation project at 208 Guy Park Ave. in Amsterdam, but the group is now accepting applications for the rental units.

Although the three-family house had become one of the neighborhood’s greatest eyesores and sat on the city’s demolition list, Rivercrest Development Director Diane Conard said the project only looked impossible.

We recognized the value in it,” she said. “We recognized the fact that it was structurally sound, and we were scared of what this corner could become.”

To suggest options exist beyond demolition is simply madness. We could have had a parking lot. And to suggest that this is a model for other buildings just disrespects the proud legacy of those who tore this city down and envisioned an unbroken expanse of parking lots and their present-day champions. We have a decades old model and strategy that has lead us to where we are today; why challenge that?

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