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No better example of the sorry state of political discourse than this Letter to the Editor from ex-mayor Mario Villa in today’s Recorder.  How this letter can be titled” Some facts that voters need to be aware ofwhen the “facts” cited are readily disproven within 15 minutes is utterly beyond me.
First, the letter states on Cap and Trade:

Before the home can be sold, the homeowner must receive a certificate of compliance from the government that the home is energy efficient i.e. insulation, furnace, major appliances, the thickness of glass windows, etc.

A simple search in snopes shows this to be FALSE (here). Here is the salient rebuttal:

COntrary to what is claimed above, however, HR2454 contains no provisions requiring that existing homes “must meet the ne energy standards” before they can be resold.

Second, the letter states on the Bush Tax Cuts: Failure to extend the Bush tax cuts in its entirety will prolong this recession.
Umm, I hate to say it but the Bush Tax Cuts were imposed prior to this recession so how does this tax cut magic work if it got us into such a profound recession to begin with?
Third, the offshore drilling claim of:

What is mind boggling to me is that President is loaning 28 billion dollars to Mexico to drill in deep waters in the very gulf he has prohibited our oil companies from drilling. Brazil is receiving a 2 billion dollar loan to drill off shore. Imagine that!

Yes, you have to imagine that too as it is not based in reality. You can read the background rebuttal here and here. The 28 billion dollar figure is nowhere to be found in any published source.
I don’t have time for the other claims but I have to express disappointment with publishing such factually incorrect claims that are readily verifiable as false.

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